Whatsapp DP means Display Picture

Whatsapp DP means Display Picture, It shows on the display screen of installed WhatsApp application on the particular smartphone. DP is popular in Facebook, MySpace and Orkut in early days. Now itself Facebook display pictures (other name Profile Pictures) are widely using by all users. After WhatsApp chat application launched WhatsApp dp become popular in all WhatsApp users. It takes the place almost equal what Facebook users currently doing. Of-course, this is a chat application still users want to attract friends and relatives through their profile pictures displays on their installed application. Cartoonify yourself
People want to get creative WhatsApp images on lot of categories for sharing. Some popular Whatsapp dp categories are fun, sad, good morning, good night, miss you, sorry and etc. These categories of pictures are normally basic in every on life. A picture is better than 1000 words explanation. That’s why WhatsApp pics become popular in all ages. Another one benefit by using WhatsApp DP is you don’t spend lot of time to typing words. You can attract your friends by simply posting a photograph or a single Whatsapp animated dp. Here below I spend some hours to collect amazing WhatsApp DP on all popular categories. These DP are helpful to you for sharing without spending any of your time. Finding a best photo for every users need is always not a easy one. Here I giving a collection of WhatsApp DP for all. You can download our images for free and share it your friends easily. Have a great day! http://www.rigmatric.com/create-a-cartoon-of-yourself/

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